Things can be challenging after a car accident. Plus, it can be tougher to know who the at-fault driver is.

Here are a few common types of accidents and who is typically at fault in these scenarios.

1. Rear-ends

A rear-end is a pretty straightforward accident. This occurs when one vehicle hits the other from behind. The tailing vehicle’s front end hits the leading car’s back end. These are commonly called fender-benders because they do not cause vehicular damage. However, they can cause serious injuries. Typically, the tailing vehicle is at-fault.

2. Parking lot bumps

Parking lot bumps happen a lot. Thankfully, these are usually low speeds and do not cause serious injuries. That said, sometimes, they can cause severe neck, back or soft tissue damage. Either way, it is best to go to a doctor and file a crash report. Some of the most common parking lot crashes include:

  • You hit someone as they are backing out
  • You hit someone as they are cutting across an empty spot
  • You collide with a car as you both try to take the same spot
  • You collide with a vehicle at the end of an aisle

Different factors can determine whether you are at fault in all of these cases.

Every car accident is unique. While some might be clear about who is at fault, others might not. In most of these situations, you would not be at fault. However, it is essential to have a professional evaluate your accident. Then, you can better understand your rights and receive compensation for your losses.


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