When someone injures you, you want compensation. However, insurance companies may try to take minimize the amount they give you because of certain types of accidents. Therefore, it is important to know the common types of vehicular accidents that are out there in case you find yourself in one.

While every accident is unique, a few common causes lead to each type of accident. Knowing these can help you identify who was at fault or completely avoid them.

1. Rear-end

Rear-end crashes often occur because the following driver was not paying attention or tailgating. When they do not leave enough following distance, they will not have enough time to react if you hit the brakes. Additionally, crash reports list that drowsy driving, drunk driving and texting while driving all contribute to rear-end collisions.

2. Head-on

Head-on crashes are less likely to occur, but they are the most dangerous type of crash. In this case, someone crosses the yellow line for any reason and hits the front of your car.

3. Side impact

A side-impact collision is when you are driving and another vehicle hits the side of your car with the front of theirs. This is very common at intersections when one driver fails to obey traffic signals.

4. Sideswipe

A sideswipe collision is when you are driving next to another car and they come into your lane and clip the side of your car with theirs. This often occurs because the driver fails to look in their blind spot before merging or they merge too quickly while zipping through traffic.

If someone else’s poor driving left you injured, you deserve proper compensation. That is the only way to get back to your normal life.

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