By now, most of our readers in the Chicago area are familiar with the tell-tale signs of a distracted driver: sudden jerks to one side or another of a lane of traffic, seemingly for no reason; drifting out of a lane of traffic; and, of course, the ever-present ability to simply look at a driver and see that driver staring down instead of looking at the road. There is no doubt about it – distracted drivers are becoming the biggest danger on the roads in Chicago and throughout the country.

A recent article noted the three different ways a person can become distracted while behind the wheel of a vehicle. For starters, there are physical distractions, which cause drivers to take their hands off of the wheel. Physical distractions are probably the most common distractions, including such acts as using a cellphone, tuning the radio, eating or drinking or even applying make-up and looking in the rearview mirror, for example.

Another form of distraction is visual distraction, which takes the drivers eyes away from the road. Such distractions can include looking at billboards along the roadways, for example, or just looking at other cars or drivers instead of looking at the road. Lastly, the recent article noted cognitive distractions, which can occur when a driver’s mind isn’t on the task of driving but is, instead, on other ideas and concerns.

All drivers should do their best to avoid distractions when they are on the roads in Chicago. However, we all know that some drivers simply cannot avoid the lure of reaching for their cellphone while driving. As a result, car accidents can happen. Anyone who has been injured in a car accident that was caused by a distracted driver may have legal options. A personal injury action could help hold a negligent driver liable and help with the recover of compensation.


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