Who is liable for a dangerous or defective product?

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Victims of a dangerous or defective product may wonder who is liable for the damages and harm they have suffered. The answer is that the legal process holds a number of parties accountable for the harm caused by a dangerous or defective product to ensure that consumers are protected from harm.

Products liability law protects victims of dangerous or defective products by providing a legal remedy that may allow them to recover compensation for their physical, financial and emotional damages. Victims of a dangerous of defective product may be able to recover compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering damages if they have been injured or otherwise harmed by a dangerous or defective product.

There are a variety of parties that may be liable to the victim in a dangerous or defective products liability claim. Those that may be liable can include the manufacturer of the product; the manufacturer of component parts used in the product; the party assembling or installing the product; the wholesaler of the product; or the retailer who sold the product. In addition, there are different theories of liability that a products liability claim for damages may be based on including strict liability, negligence and failure to warn so it is help for injured victims to be aware of the legal options available to them.

Though a products liability claim can seem complex at times, it is an important tool for anyone injured by a dangerous or defective product to be familiar because it can help them with so much of the harm they have suffered. Victims of dangerous or defective products should be able to rely on the safety of everyday products which is why products liability legal protections are available to them when harmed.

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