Small products aren’t the only ones that can cause injuries in Illinois homes. Large ones, including appliances like ranges, can be responsible for injuries when improperly secured. Consumers should pay attention to ranges that have been recalled for possible hazards.

Tip-over hazards responsible for recalls

Several models of GE ranges sold in the United States and Canada from May through July 2021 have been recalled. The manufacturer issued the recall for defective products because of the potential for these items to fall over and hurt someone when an item is placed on an open oven door. Although no injuries had been reported as of December 2021, consumers should be aware of the potential for such injuries to occur.

All ranges sold in the United States should be sold with an anti-tip bracket that prevents mishaps from occurring. Even if your new range isn’t part of the recall, you should make sure that it is sold with an anti-tip bracket and that the installer offers bracket installation with the range. You can continue to use your range but should take special care not to put any objects on the open oven door.

What if your range tipped over?

If your range tipped over, you might have a case against the manufacturer. When any product that you buy from a manufacturer causes an accident that results in personal injury, you may qualify for compensation under U.S. law.

If you have been injured by a defective product, you may consider filing an action against the product manufacturer. If you show that you took the necessary precautions and the product still injured you or a member of your family, you may have legal recourse against the manufacturer.

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