The trucking industry is in the midst of an ongoing labor issue. There are simply not enough trained drivers available to fill the jobs and meet demand.

Because of the labor shortage, trucking companies are under a lot of strain, and this bleeds down to the drivers. Everyone is under pressure to move goods more quickly and more often. Such demands could put everyone on the roads at risk.

Common issues that cause truck accidents

The most common problems that cause truck accidents are drivers who are inadequately trained or experienced, tired or under pressure to perform at impossible standards. All of these issues relate back to the labor shortage.

When companies do not have enough drivers, they start scheduling their staff for more hours. This can make it tough for drivers to take proper breaks and ensure rest between shifts. They may be working more hours and unable to sleep properly, which leads to driving while tired. Drowsy driving is as dangerous as drunk driving.

Another link is that companies are pushing new drivers on the road too soon. They may not have enough training or knowledge to safely do their jobs. They may unknowingly make mistakes that could lead to issues such as unsecured loads, which can cause accidents.

Companies pushing drivers too hard cause both drowsy and inexperienced driving. But it also can lead to drivers quitting, which only makes the labor issues worse.

Shifts in the industry

The trucking industry is the backbone of the country. Without these vehicles transporting goods, the shelves would be bare. Transportation and supply chain issues impact everyone. However, there has to be a solution and shift within the industry to ensure they can meet demand without causing troubles on the road.

Overall, when the trucking industry is under strain, it can translate to more accidents on the roads. For everyone’s safety, it has to find solutions to move goods safely.

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