You have good reasons to be concerned with your safety when driving in Illinois. Since 2020, the rate of motor vehicle accidents has been increasing in Chicago. Whether you’re driving or walking, there’s a greater need to protect yourself at many intersections with high rates of accidents.

Caution at intersections

Motor vehicle accidents happen mostly around intersections. Not only does traffic go in both ways, but traffic also crosses at an intersection. Entering an intersection unaware is an unwanted prospect in all conditions. Be sure to use your turning signals, come to a complete stop when prompted and respect vehicles that are already engaged at the intersection.

Why are accidents rising?

Motor vehicle accidents are rising nationally as people venture back onto the roads. What many are calling “a sense of liberation” might also be an invitation for bad practices behind the wheel. Carelessness is certainly a factor behind the rising vehicle collisions in Illinois. The rise in collisions is shown to be primarily caused by these factors:

• Not maintaining the right-of-way
• Following too closely
• Failing to control speeds

Additional factors behind rising accidents

According to studies, drivers are paying less attention and driving with more stress as they recover from global isolation. These conditions are leading drivers to abuse their road responsibilities. Factors that are influencing how often crashes occur, when, and where include the following:

• Fatigue: It’s important to be well-rested before driving.
• Stress: Driving should be used purposefully and for an actual destination, not just to get away from stress.
• Substance use: It is against the law to drive your vehicle under the influence.

Motor vehicle accidents in Illinois

Data shows that motor vehicle accidents can be reduced when drivers use more care. In addition, city improvements can implement initiatives to increase safety. For example, the intersection of S. 79th Street and S. Stony Island is being assessed as new plans for renovations are forwarded. This project is likely to move with an objective to hold drivers accountable and help reduce motor vehicle accidents.

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