When truck accidents occur in Illinois, those who get injured or otherwise suffer losses may seek compensation. While some similarities exist between collisions involving a negligent car vs. one involving a negligent truck, significant differences may exist. Trucks, of course, come with many differences in design and construction. Also, there could be third-party liability factors present in truck collisions that don’t usually play a role in an accident involving a car.

Aspects to consider when examining truck accidents

The most apparent differences between truck and car collisions involve the potential devastation an oversized vehicle can cause. A smaller car would have a tough time absorbing the impact of a semitruck. Besides totaling a car, an out-of-control truck may cause a fatality.

Driver negligence frequently factors into such collisions. Fatigued and distracted driving, along with moving violations, lead to many truck accidents. And do not discount the unfortunate situations involving intoxicated driving.

A truck driver alone, however, may not be responsible for an accident. Sometimes, a trucking company shares part of the blame if not all. When the company allows a poorly maintained vehicle or a negligent driver to travel the road, the business may face a negligence suit in the aftermath of an accident.

Seeking compensation after a collision

Recovering compensation after a truck accident may be an injured person’s top priority. Financial losses may make recovering damages vital.

Filing an insurance claim may be the preferable option for accident victims. The truck driver’s auto liability insurance and, if applicable, the employer’s business liability insurance could cover claims. That said, the insurance companies may attempt to settle for a reduced amount or outright challenge proof of negligence.

Suing the insurance company may become necessary in some situations. Suing the liable party above policy limits may occur when the damages are significant.

Motor vehicle accidents involving trucks may lead to complex legal claims. Those wondering how to navigate litigation after a truck accident could speak to a personal injury attorney. A lawyer may handle insurance settlement claims or take the matter to court.


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