Anyone hurt in a truck accident in Illinois may suffer severe injuries. A truck could inflict enormous harm on anyone the vehicle hits since semi-trucks are so massive. The mass and weight might crush those smaller vehicles caught underneath them, which can happen when tailgating or not braking in time. Victims could require a substantial settlement to cover their losses, requiring them to compile all available evidence.

Truck accident evidence

Photographic and video evidence may accurately tell what happened during a collision. Vehicles equipped with dashcams might capture every second of a crash in real time. Unfortunately, not all cars come with dashcams. However, photographs and cell phone video of the accident scene or damage to the vehicle may support claims about what happened.

Getting contact information from witnesses may provide more support for claims of a truck driver’s negligence. A witness might have photos or video on their phone that provides necessary evidence.

A police report could be quite helpful. The police may record details about the accident that the victim might not consider. Depending on the situation, the police might arrest the truck driver, as would be the case if the driver was under the influence. Blood tests could then further establish the driver’s intoxication level.

Further evidence

Evidence that establishes fault in truck accidents may support claims for compensation and punitive damages. The victims might face requirements to present proof of their claimed losses. Medical records might help since they would reveal the costs associated with their treatment and rehabilitation.

Proving lost wages might not be too difficult, as pay stubs may establish earnings. Proving lost future wages after a catastrophic accident might involve calling expert witnesses to testify. Ultimately, victims must bring enough evidence to prove their claims in court or to an insurance provider.


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