A car accident can cause devastating damage to your body, but not all injuries are immediately apparent. Without a prompt and thorough medical checkup, these hidden injuries may not present themselves until they cause complications.

You should visit a doctor after a car accident to identify or rule out these three hidden car accident injuries.

1. Neck and spine damage

Neck and spine damage may not be apparent right away. For example, whiplash is a neck injury caused by a sudden front-to-back or side-to-side motion. While some whiplash symptoms might be evident immediately, the damage may take hours or days to present itself fully. Lower back pain can also sneak up on you.

2. Head trauma

Traumatic brain injuries may not present symptoms right away, either. Usually resulting from an impact or jolt, TBIs have several physical, mental and neurological symptoms that can take days to appear. For this reason, receiving prompt medical care is paramount.

3. Internal bleeding

Soft tissue damage occurs in even the most minor car accidents. Superficial bruising from seatbelts and airbags is common, but in some cases, bruising happens deeper within the body. Your doctor may want to monitor your visible bruises for signs of spread that may indicate internal bleeding.

Do not make the mistake of downplaying your injuries following a car accident. Injuries such as these may go unnoticed without adequate medical attention, so you should receive a checkup as soon as possible to prevent complications and to document the extent of your injuries.

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