Collisions with tractor-trailers and other oversized trucks could result in terrible consequences. A large truck could total a smaller vehicle, leaving the driver and passengers suffering severe injuries. Deadly truck crashes remain a problem in Illinois, leaving many to wonder what causes the accidents. Several reasons repeatedly appear when examining who is at fault for the catastrophes.

Consistent reasons for truck accidents

Running on a “tight schedule” may not be a direct cause of truck accidents, but facing a strict delivery deadline within a limited time frame could indirectly lead to dangers. If a driver has to arrive on a tight schedule, the driver may ignore mandatory breaks. Doing so increases the chances of fatigued driving, which drives up the potential for a collision.

Some drivers may take stimulants to remain awake, which could contribute to impaired driving. Speeding seems like an “easy option” when intending to cover more miles quickly. Of course, traveling at an unsafe speed could lead to a collision.

Preventive steps to avoid truck accidents

Several actions could decrease the chances of a truck collision. Making sure a truck undergoes routine maintenance may uncover maintenance issues that result in unsafe tractor-trailers traveling interstate highways.

Properly securing cargo helps as well. Overloading a truck or not locking down cargo correctly may result in preventable mishaps.

Safety training could be somewhat overlooked, resulting in drivers making mistakes or not being aware of dangers. Trucking companies might consider reviewing their training practices and making improvements where necessary. A well-trained driver might become a safer one.

Assume nothing about what a driver knows. Even basic safety training, including the importance of wearing seat belts consistently, may help immensely. Advanced safety training, such as defensive driving or learning how to deal with hazardous weather conditions, might save lives.

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