Accidents happen on the road. Sometimes, crashes are the fault of the other driver. When the driver carries a valid auto insurance policy, the insurance may cover liability and medical payments. Injured parties may file a claim against the driver’s insurance and wait for a settlement. Some Illinois claimants could receive unexpected and unappreciated news that the insurance company has denied the claim. What steps could someone who has suffered from physical injuries and property damages do when a claim ends up rejected?

Reasons for a denied claim

The reasons why the claim received a denial could determine the course of action to follow. If the driver’s policy lapsed, the injured party could file a claim with his/her policy under the underinsured/uninsured motorist provision. Of course, this option applies to those who carry such coverage.

Other times, the insurance company may deny the coverage based on exclusions. The insurance company could determine that the weather caused the accident, and such incidents are not covered. That said, the insurance company’s determination may be inaccurate.

The insurance company could claim the driver was not liable for the accident. If the insurance company attempts to redirect blame on the injured party, questions arise. Did the injured party lie about the accident? Or, did the injured party tell the truth, and the insurance company arrived at a false conclusion?

Dealing with the insurance company

Choosing to appeal the denial seems like one workable strategy. The claimant may find it wise to hire an attorney to handle the appeal. An experienced attorney may understand the proper steps for representing a client during the appeals process.

Suing the insurance company or the negligent driver could be an option. Attorneys and clients might feel concerns about the feasibility of a lawsuit. Suing a driver with no assets may not serve a purpose. The plaintiff would also likely need a strong case to prevail against an insurance company. If it is proven that the insurance company acted in bad faith, the outcome might be a preferable one.

After motor vehicle accidents occur, the denial of an auto insurance liability claim doesn’t always leave the injured party without options. A client could work with an attorney to receive compensation.


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