Healthcare is a fast-paced, physically demanding industry that leads to injuries to all parts of the body. Emergency medical technicians, doctors and nurses in Illinois face increased risks of accidents and injuries. There are several types of injuries that are commonly suffered by healthcare workers.

Back strains

Nurses who routinely lift patients and medical lab workers who lift heavy boxes are at increased risk of straining their backs. Severe lower back pain can extend to pain in the legs and lead to difficulty in walking. Injured healthcare workers will have health problems themselves and no longer be able to perform the basic physical duties of their jobs.

Slip and falls

In any medical facility, chemical spills happen that may cause slips and falls. In hospitals, the floor needs to always be clean as the practitioners rush back and forth to different rooms. Slips and falls are the most common types of construction injuries to occur that include fractured bones, burns and head trauma.

Joint pain

Joint injuries only happen to medical workers who have to constantly bend over, kneel, turn and lift heavy items. Joint pain and inflammation can worsen gradually over time until arthritis develops.

Cuts and punctures

Surgeons, nurses and other hands-on practitioners have to handle needles, scalpels and other sharp medical instruments. Whenever they see a patient or perform a procedure, they risk getting cuts and open wounds, which also increase the risks of bacterial or viral infections.

Preventing common injuries at work

Many healthcare workers risk suffering from similar types of injuries that mostly affect the back, neck, legs, etc. As a result, they cannot perform basic duties that they’re trained to do. There are tens of thousands of healthcare injuries that are preventable with some amount of caution.

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