Road rage and aggressive driving may lead to moving violations. Tailgating, cutting people off, and speeding through recently turned red lights reflect possible actions from an angry driver. A bad attitude behind the wheel might lead to abusing a horn or even making rude comments and gestures to other drivers. At times, such behavior could lead to a confrontation and possible legal consequences in Illinois courts.

Aggressive driving could lead to accidents

Angry behavior behind the wheel may have consequences. An aggressive driver traveling at excess speeds, weaving in and out of lanes, may cause a multivehicle collision. Whatever reasons the driver employs to explain such aggressive behavior might not come close to removing the burden of liability. That burden might include being at fault for wrongful death.

Several reasons could contribute to aggressive driving. “Mere” impatience could be one of them, although anxiousness is not an excuse for violating traffic laws. Some drivers might be under the influence of substances that affect their mental attitude. Regardless, aggressive driving may present an inexcusable danger on the road.

Dealing with aggressive, raging drivers

Sometimes, a careful driver could err on the side of caution and let an angry driver pass. Fighting for “a piece of the highway” could lead to disastrous consequences, including an accident. An aggressive driver who commits a negligent action could be held liable. Anyone contributing to negligence might also face a civil suit.

When both vehicles pull over, park, or are stopped in traffic, a confrontation may occur. In some scenarios, calling the police might be unavoidable. Confronting an angry driver could prove regrettable. Sometimes, law enforcement may provide the best response to an out-of-control situation.

Underestimating the dangers of aggressive driving could prove regrettable. Road raging drivers may increase the chances of auto accidents and other calamities. Anyone hurt by a negligent, aggressive driver might need to contact an attorney.

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