When a person suffers an injury and is rushed to a medical center for treatment, everyone hopes that the injury can be treated and healed in full. In Illinois and throughout the country, we all expect the very best of care when it comes to medical professionals. Unfortunately, sometimes in their efforts to treat a patient, medical professionals take a course of action that leads to even more significant and permanent injuries.

A recent article detailed a case in Illinois in which a young boy was injured when he fell down some stairs. The incident in question occurred in 2011 when, at the time, the boy was 2-years-old. When the boy was taken into a local hospital for treatment, the doctors put a wrap on the boy’s hand, wrist and arm.

Ultimately, the reports indicate that the wrap was far too tight and cut off circulation in the boy’s arm. When the boy was brought back to the medical facility, the doctors did not remove the wrap. A medical malpractice lawsuit resulted, and it was based on the assertion that the doctor’s course of treatment caused permanent damage to the boy.

The case proceeded all the way to a jury trial. The reports indicate that the trial lasted for nine days before the jury began its deliberations. From there, it reportedly only took the jury two hours to render a verdict: an award of $2 million to the boy and his family.

Our readers in Illinois may have heard that medical malpractice lawsuits are notoriously complex, but, as this recent case shows, the effort may be worth it. The financial compensation a victim could recover may help with a wide variety of needs.

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