This blog recently discussed who may be liable for a dangerous or defective product and there is a long list of who may be liable for placing a dangerous or defective product in the hands of consumers. When a dangerous or defective toy is placed in the hands of a child, it can be especially serious and troublesome which is why parents need to understand products liability and personal injury protections available to them.

Unfortunately, children can be harmed by the everyday toys they play with. Approximately 217,000 are treated in hospital emergency rooms for toy-related injuries and though most do not require hospitalization, children can still be seriously harmed and during 2005, 20 children died because of toy-related injuries. A variety of different types of dangerous or defective toys can present a variety of different types of dangers.

Riding toys, including tricycles and nonpowered scooters, are the leading cause of toy-related injuries. Causes of toy-related deaths include choking, drowning, suffocation and riding toy accidents. Children under the age of three are at the greatest risk of choking-related injuries and harm. Riding toys are responsible for most of the toy-related injuries suffered by children under 14 years old. Approximately half of all toy-related injuries are suffered to the head and face of the child.

When a child has been harmed while playing with their favorite toy it can be unthinkable. Productions liability law provides important protections and legal remedies for parents in that unfortunate situation to be familiar with when their child has been harmed by a dangerous or defective toy.

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