Anyone who finds themselves in a hospital or other healthcare facility in Illinois is likely to be fairly nervous about the situation. A health scare can be intimidating, leaving a patient in the hands of what they hope will be competent medical professionals. Unfortunately, our readers who are familiar with previous posts here know that medical malpractice does occur, with alarming frequency.

For instance, a recent report noted that a medical malpractice case in Cook County recently settled – a case that was based on an allegation of a “grossly improper” medical procedure. The report notes that a patient at Stroger Hospital, who was admitted and in a hospital bed in a room at the facility, underwent “pericardiocentesis,” which is a procedure to remove fluid from around the person’s heart.

The problem? The medical malpractice lawsuit alleged that such a procedure is typically done in a laboratory, not bedside. The medical malpractice case further alleged that the “grossly improper” decision to conduct this procedure at bedside led to the patient at issue suffering a brain injury.

Now, just recently, the decision makers from the hospital decided to agree to a $4 million settlement. This is most likely a good result for the injured patient, in terms of financial compensation. But, the reality is that the incident occurred in 2013 – which means that it took five years to get to this point.

Medical malpractice cases can be notoriously complicated and drawn-out ordeals. However, when patients have the right information about their options in pursuing a medical malpractice case – including the option to either settle the case or take it to trial – a good result may be reached.

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