Liliya Hrabar was shocked to find herself being arrested for criminal trespass to a vehicle. The shock stemmed from the fact that the car belonged to her boyfriend, Alderman Proco Moreno, who had loaned her the car a few weeks prior. She later learned he had falsely reported the car stolen, an act for which he is facing criminal charges. Alderman Proco "Joe" Moreno has been charged with insurance fraud, disorderly conduct, obstruction of justice and falsely reporting a vehicle stolen. The criminal charges and the defamation suit allege similar conduct. Mr. Moreno loaned the vehicle to Ms. Hrabar, including handing her the keys and later asking her not to smoke in the vehicle. The day after loaning the vehicle, he reported it stolen to the police and his insurance company. On the basis of his false report, Ms. Hrabar was arrested. Her arrest and her involuntary involvement in the Mr. Moreno's scheme caused damage to her reputation and has cost her business. She has retained attorney to pursue a defamation lawsuit to help recoup what she has lost due to his illegal actions. Read the Chicago Tribune's account of the incident here.

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