Our client, who himself is an attorney handling personal injury and other civil litigation cases, was transported to the hospital's emergency room complaining of a severe headache, chills and dizziness. His condition continued to decline, and he did not receive antibiotics for more than six hours, by which time his temperature had reached 102 degrees. He went into septic shock with extreme blood clotting in his extremities, eventually resulting in partial amputations of his arms and legs and loss of vision in one eye. Our lawsuit alleged that two doctors delayed in diagnosing our client's form of meningitis and thus delayed administering antibiotics to him, causing the injuries. Just prior to trial we negotiated a settlement order dismissing the case with prejudice while giving our client a settlement that will help our client meet significant medical needs for the rest of his life related to skin care, infections and prosthetic devices.

$12 Million

L. v. Evanston Northwestern Healthcare Corp., d/b/a Glenbrook Hospital et al.

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