Our client was an infant who, a month after her birth, began having seizures at home. She was hospitalized and given initial medication that halted the seizures. But after another one occurred, she was admitted to pediatric intensive care and given the sedative Versed by IV during overnight treatment. In response to the Versed medication, her blood pressure began to drop, reaching the point where distribution of blood to her brain tissue was inadequate. A 30-day-old infant should have had mean arterial pressure exceeding 45; our client had periods where it was in the mid-20s. She was heavily sedated for the next two days before an MRI scan was done. This revealed the presence of hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, a brain injury caused by lack of oxygen to the brain which occurred during the overnight treatment. On our client's behalf, we secured a settlement of more than $6 million from the self-insured unnamed hospital where the negligent care took place.

$6.3 Million

L. v. Unnamed Hospital

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