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Representing Victims Of Commercial And Private Airline Crashes

Only a limited group of trial lawyers understand the complex set of laws governing aircraft operations and facilities when crashes cause injury or death, and Wise Law Offices LLC‘s grasp of these issues is well-recognized. We understand aviation accident investigation procedures and effectively use research, expert testimony and trial skill to demonstrate product defect, pilot error, faulty operating procedures or a combination of these causes.

For example, our knowledge of pilot fatigue issues is often crucial in determining air crash liability. This knowledge is typified by National Sleep Foundation findings that one in five pilots admit that they have made a serious error due to sleepiness, and well over one-third of pilots report that their current work schedule does not allow adequate time for sleep.

As a result of our knowledge and investigative techniques, we have consistently and successfully represented victims and surviving family members who have suffered personal losses due to commercial and private airplane crashes.

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Whether you were injured or lost a family member, it is important to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. We understand this is a terrible situation, and we want to help you get through it. Please call us in Chicago at 312-985-0930 or contact our firm online.


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