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Falls Are All Too Common In Nursing Homes

It may be difficult to distinguish between an accidental injury of a nursing home resident and one that was caused by the negligence of staff. Most nursing home injuries involve falls, which put the elderly at high risk for broken bones and other complications, making it essential that nursing homes take every measure to prevent these incidents. That is why nursing home residents should be entitled to a fall assessment from the facility’s staff, but even if an assessment is made, follow-up attention and care are often lacking.

At Wise Law Offices LLC in Chicago, our lawyers are familiar with the tactics that Illinois nursing homes use to protect themselves when an injury occurs. We are skilled at reviewing fall assessments and medical records to determine if staff negligence was to blame. In such instances, we take effective action to secure compensation for victims and their families and to address the inadequate supervision and care that contributed to the resident’s injury.

Falls can happen in nursing homes in many instances, including:

  • When a resident is getting in or out of bed or a wheelchair
  • If the floor is wet, slick or uneven
  • If a resident wanders off
  • If a resident is not properly supervised
  • If fall prevention tactics are not in place
  • If a patient is overmedicated

We understand the anger and sadness you may be feeling if a family member was injured by a fall. By working with us, you can seek compensation and justice.

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