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Did Malnutrition Lead To Other Injuries?

Nursing homes are obligated to ensure that their residents are adequately fed and hydrated. Yet malnutrition and dehydration in nursing homes can happen due to staff inattention to individual needs. It may also be the result of staff neglect or falsification of records and charting that are required to document how much residents are eating and drinking.

When our lawyers handle malnutrition and dehydration cases, we talk to current and former nursing home staff, examine records and work with investigators to examine the facts behind the documents and prepare compelling cases that hold nursing homes accountable for their actions. We understand how upsetting these cases are and will work hard to get justice and compensation for you and your family member. Please contact Wise Law Offices LLC today for a free consultation.

How Does Malnutrition Happen?

Staff negligence is typically the reason that residents suffer malnutrition and dehydration. There are, however, more specific reasons such as:

  • Being unable to swallow or chew
  • Forgetting to eat
  • Loss of appetite due to fever or illness
  • Side effects of medication

When circumstances like these occur, the staff should notice that the patient is not eating or drinking and take action to fix the problem.

Talk to an Illinois attorney if your loved one was a victim of malnutrition or dehydration. Simply call our Chicago office at 312-985-0930 for a free consultation or contact us online.