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Slip-And-Fall Accidents Can Result In Severe Injuries

Despite the seemingly simple name, slip-and-fall accidents and injuries can be serious and expensive. According to the National Safety Council, over 9 million disabling fall injuries occur per year; that is equal to 25,000 injuries per day or 175,000 per week.

Any type of fall can cause a serious personal injury, and when it results from negligence, Wise Law Offices LLC‘s lawyers can review the case and secure proper compensation from property owners and their insurance carriers. Our attorneys each have nearly 20 years of experience with Illinois law. You can be sure that we have the knowledge and skill to represent you.

You Must Take These Cases Seriously

A slip-and-fall accident may have many causes: spills or objects that have not been removed from an aisle or floor, poor lighting in an apartment, uneven sidewalk sections or an unrepaired step. These conditions are dangerous, leading to serious injuries such as spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries and broken bones.

Accidents that cause injury due to negligence can include slip-and-falls (interference between the person and the floor or ground), trip-and-falls (caused by an object or a fault on the ground), step-and-falls (the presence of a hole or fault that causes a person to fall), and stump-and-falls (an object or condition that causes a stumble).

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