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Employees Deserve A Safe Workplace

Were you or a family member injured at work? You can apply for workers’ compensation for all on-the-job injuries. If the injury involved someone other than the employer – for example, the manufacturer of a piece of machinery – you may be entitled to additional damages for the accident that go beyond workers’ compensation.

At Wise Law Offices LLC, we have taken numerous actions against Illinois workplaces, businesses, construction sites and other responsible parties when an untimely injury or death was caused by negligence, product failure or a similar catastrophic event. You can rely on our experience as negotiators and trial attorneys in personal injury and wrongful death suits. We are prepared to fight for you.

Workplace injuries can happen to anyone in any business setting and the number of workplace injuries can be staggering. A recent study shows that nearly 1 million U.S. workers each year experience an injury that causes them to miss a day or more on the job, and workplace injuries are the sixth leading cause of disability claims. In Illinois alone, the same study says there were 26,500 workplace injuries that required job transfer or restrictions and nearly 111,000 disability claims filed.

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$3.32 Million Settlement For Injuries Suffered In Bridge Construction Collapse

We represented a union ironworker who was injured in 2005 when a flyover bridge span collapsed and pinned his arm while he worked on a …

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$4.055 Million Settlement For Workplace Injury From New Shoring Product

We represented a 44-year-old carpenter and his wife in this workplace injury and product liability action. The carpenter was an employee of Walsh Construction Co. …

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$1.75 Million Jury Verdict For Slip-And-Fall Injury On Airport Tarmac

We represented an Air Wisconsin pilot who fell on an icy patch of tarmac at Chicago O’Hare when he stepped off the stairs leading from …

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$2.6 Million Jury Verdict For Workplace Defective Product

A garbage sorter lost part of his foot when he became entangled in a paper baling machine. He had been trying to clear a jam …

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$1.5 Million Jury Award For Failure To Warn

Our client, a 69-year-old man, was at a home, installing automated window coverings. As he was leaving the house, he fell down a flight of …

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$615,000 Health Care Workplace Injury Settlement

A 37-year-old anesthesia technician became infected with the AIDS virus following a needle stick injury. The technician’s hand was punctured by a syringe needle that …

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$1.25 Million to Settle Work Site Negligence Claim

A man suffered a severe injury to his knee while working on a job site littered with construction debris, much of which was underwater.

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$400,000 Workplace Injury Settlement Due To Defective Product

A 27-year-old furnace operator fractured his pelvis and jaw when a man operating a front loader backed up directly into him, pushing and pressing him …

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