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Construction Accidents Can Cause Catastrophic Or Fatal Injuries

Construction sites present many hazards to workers and bystanders. In one recent year, there were nearly 775 fatalities at construction sites and more than one-third of them involved fatal falls. There simply are not enough safety regulators to identify and prevent hazards from falls off ladders, scaffolds and roofs.

When fatalities or serious injuries happen at construction work sites, Wise Law Offices LLC‘s lawyers have the experience to determine when to file a claim and how to get the best results possible under the circumstances. Our firm has been helping injured Illinois workers for more than a decade. We thoroughly understand the regulations, statutes, ordinances and industry standards that mandate a safe working environment for construction workers and others at construction sites.

You Can Rely On Our Attorneys’ Experience

If unsafe working conditions or defective equipment and machinery combined with human error to cause injuries or death, you need a knowledgeable attorney on your side. We know how to investigate, pursue and litigate these claims successfully. For a free consultation, please contact us online or call us in Chicago at 312-985-0930 today.


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