Operating a motor vehicle requires focus and attention at all times. Driving is a privilege that comes with great responsibility. Unfortunately, these days, it seems that driving is often taken for granted. Roadways across the state of Illinois are becoming more crowded and more hazardous with each passing day. According to a report from the National Safety Council, fatal car accidents are on the rise so far this year. 

The report said that, although the number of miles driven in Illinois dropped by nearly 40 percent compared to this same time last year, the traffic fatality rate rose nearly 6 percent across the state. With fewer vehicles on the roadway, more drivers are speeding, according to the National Safety Council Statistics Manager. He said traffic congestion can help to decrease or maintain travel speeds.

His theory is that, with more open roads, drivers are choosing to travel at speeds that are unsafe. The National Safety Council estimates over 400 potential fatalities for the upcoming three-day Independence Day holiday period. They expect alcohol to play a factor in nearly 40 percent of the deaths. The statistics manager said that summer holidays tend to have more fatalities compared to winter holidays due to the increased prevalence of alcohol.

The main takeaway from this report is that roadways in the state of Illinois can be very dangerous regardless of traffic volumes. Families who have suffered the loss of loved ones due to negligence in car accidents could benefit from discussions with an experienced attorney. Damages from a successful lawsuit could help families recover any financial losses that may have occurred due to a tragic crash.

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