Winters in Chicago and throughout Illinois can be brutal, which makes it challenging on the roads. Accidents are more likely to occur during this season. These are a few winter driving statistics.

How common are winter car accidents?

Car accidents are common during the winter months due to the presence of snow and ice. Around 17% of all crashes occur during this time of year as the roads are slicker and more slippery than during other seasons.

Although more accidents happen in the rain, snow, ice and slush accounts for 24% of winter accidents. Around 15% of car accidents occur while it’s actively snowing or sleeting. Around 76,000 people suffer injuries in car accidents during the winter months while around 900 die from such accidents.

Why is driving so dangerous in the winter?

Most drivers rate winter as their least favorite season for driving. Driving during winter is more dangerous and challenging due to the weather conditions it brings. Winter driving means there’s more snow and ice on the roads and poor visibility during precipitation. The days are also shorter and nights longer, meaning that it’s more likely for people to drive in the dark. Many drivers state that they feel more anxiety while having to travel in these conditions.

The roads are more slippery during the winter, especially when it’s actively snowing. If a vehicle has worn tires or is otherwise ill-equipped to travel in such weather, it can lead to an accident.

In Chicago and other areas, it’s common to get more than 5 inches of snow each year. This makes for considerably worse driving conditions compared with other areas that don’t get snow in the winter.

Being prepared for wintry weather when a storm is expected and driving extra carefully can help to prevent car accidents. You should also prep your vehicle for traveling in the winter.


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