Most Illinois residents know that Chicago is full of hazardous roadways where accidents frequently occur. Just like any other metropolitan area, some are more dangerous than others. If you frequently travel within Chicago’s borders, you may want to avoid these roads and intersections, if possible.

Intersections pose the most significant risk in Chicago

Many factors contribute to motor vehicle accidents, including traffic congestion, excessive speed, drowsy drivers, distracted drivers and drunk drivers. Although highways remain dangerous, the greatest risk for injury occurs at intersections where two or more streets meet. In Chicago, three intersections pose a particular danger. These are:
• East 79th Street and South Stony Island Avenue
• East 95th Street and South Stony Island Avenue
• West Garfield Boulevard and south Wentworth Avenue

All three intersections are on Chicago’s south side and pose traffic nightmares for motorists. The first is a six-way intersection with several entrances and exits, ramps to the Chicago Skyway, three bus routes and no designated bike lane. The second is one of Chicago’s busiest intersections lacking sidewalks, while the third is in an area where multiple lanes of traffic converge.

Leading causes of accidents

Your chance of injury increases at intersections due to these factors:
• Failure to yield
• Tailgating
• Speed
• Incorrect passing
• Improper lane change
• Not using turn signals
• Ignoring traffic signals

Intersection mishaps often result in severe injuries

Some of the most severe personal injuries resulting from car accidents occur at intersections. Inclement weather, including rain, sleet, snow and fog, can increase the chances of severity. Victims of severe accidents often remain in the hospital for weeks after the incident and may require extensive rehabilitation before returning to work and other normal activities.

Intersection accidents generally occur because of the negligence of one or more drivers. If you and your loved ones have been injured in an intersection accident or any other motor vehicle mishap due to the negligence of others, you have the right to file a lawsuit seeking compensation for your injuries. You can use the funds won to pay for medical bills, living expenses, and much more.

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