When you are suddenly in a collision with another vehicle, your mind may feel distracted by what to do and how to react. Staying calm and assessing the danger you are in is the first step to fixing this problem.

Following a few simple rules when interacting with the other driver and moving your car is important.

Keep traffic flowing

According to the AARP, you want to make sure you move your car out of the way of the rest of the people driving if the vehicle is safe to use. If not, then calling a tow truck is your best option.

Take a minute to check everyone

If you have passengers with you or you notice the other vehicle contains more people, verbally confirming that everyone is getting medical help is key. Some people may not show signs of head or spinal trauma at first but still need an examination.

Stay quiet about guilt

When you exchange information with the other driver, do not focus on who was at fault. It is important to not say anything that can implicate yourself or show signs that you made any errors while on the road.

Take photos of certain areas

Focusing on taking pictures of where the cars are in relation to the street and any skid marks the tires left can help you later on. You may want to take close-ups of both sides of your vehicle and any pieces that fell off in the road.

Being vigilant about protecting yourself and others after a car accident can help you deal with the worries that come with it.


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