Having a child is incredibly exciting. Soon-to-be-parents cannot wait until the day when they may cradle their bundle of joy.

The birthing process, though, remains fraught with danger. The risk of something going wrong rises when an OBGYN is cavalier or incompetent. Infants may subsequently suffer complications that need medical intervention.


Improper delivery sometimes causes fractures or nerve damage. It may be necessary for affected newborns to go under the knife. There is no other way to fix tears or release fluids beneath the skull. The presence of a brachial plexus injury is another situation where a trip to the operating room becomes mandatory.


Medication is often necessary to ease symptoms associated with birth injuries. Prescriptions play an integral role in reducing seizures and painful swelling. Other forms of treatment are usually recommended in conjunction with pharmaceuticals.

Physical therapy

Conditions such as limited paralysis and muscle weakness improve with physical rehab. Exercising muscles and tendons push the body back into shape. Little ones with Erb’s palsy grow up having better mobility and balance after receiving such attention.

Hypothermia treatment

Oxygen deprivation poses a great peril. The longer it persists, the greater the odds of permanent brain damage. Here is one strategy for lessening the fallout. Doctors lower the body temperature of little patients to 92 degrees for three days. Swift action reduces the likelihood that cognitive problems will develop.

A childbirth injury is an emotionally draining experience. The upside is that modern science offers a host of rehabilitation options.


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