Watching a parent age can be extremely emotional. You remember them as they once were: a strong memory, active lifestyle, sharp-witted and affectionate. They deserve the best care possible in their new living environment.

When selecting a nursing home for their care, conducting careful research is vital. Sadly, some nursing homes in Chicago suffer from persistent hazards and neglect. Families have lost beloved parents too soon as a result.

The “worst nursing home in Chicago”

The Chicago Tribune recently reported on the alarming state of Wentworth Rehab. According to the article, this home suffers from some of the most common red flags, including:

  • Bedsores
  • Fire hazards, including smoking residents
  • Rodent and insect infestations
  • Nurses who ignore ill residents
  • A low overall rating from The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  • Bruised residents
  • Low food quality
  • Reports of medication errors

This nursing home allegedly has it all, but even just one of these issues can place an elder’s health in jeopardy. Many of these problems are hard for the elder’s children to detect at a first glance, but may become apparent over time.

Tips for ensuring high-quality care

Because many issues aren’t obvious on the surface, children should spend plenty of time getting to know the inner workings of the facility. Before admitting your parent, schedule a detailed tour of the building.

When inside, evaluate the state of the other residents. Do they appear clean? Next, scan the environment closely for smoke detectors, bugs, rat droppings, water or fire damage, exposed wires, uneven ground and sour odors. Staff should be friendly and organized.

Follow up with your parent frequently during their stay. If they are able to explain the care they have received, listen to their opinions. Check their body for cuts, bruises and rashes, which may be signs of neglect or abuse from staff members. These are serious signs that your loved one needs to move to a new location before a critical incident occurs.

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