Truck accidents occur often in Chicago. These accidents often result in sheer devastation, serious injuries and even death. When an accident occurs and a semi-truck is involved, it’s fair to wonder who can be held liable. There are a few parties that can be liable depending on the circumstances.

The truck driver

Often, when motor vehicle accidents involving a huge truck occur, the truck driver may be held responsible. If the driver was found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or fatigued at the time of the accident, they might be liable. The same can be said if the trucker was driving recklessly, such as tailgating your vehicle, speeding or distracted.

The trucking company

Depending on the circumstances, the trucking company might be liable for a trucking accident. If the truck driver works specifically for a trucking company and is not considered an independent contractor, the company may be responsible eif a personal injury claim is filed.

The shipping company

Sometimes, motor vehicle accidents involving a huge commercial truck can see the shipping company held liable. A truck must have its cargo loaded properly. If it’s loaded lopsided or too much weight is placed on the cargo, it can cause it to tip over, spill and worse. The truck can even fall over onto its side, which can cause significant personal injuries.

The truck mechanic

Big rig accidents can easily occur if a truck isn’t properly maintained. The truck mechanic may be held liable for an accident if they fail to ensure that the vehicle and all of its components are in proper working order and safe for the truck to be on the road.

The truck manufacturer

If an accident occurs because there is a manufacturing problem with the truck or a defect in one of its parts, the truck manufacturer may be liable. Issues such as a tire blowout, brake failure and steering failure can occur and put everyone on the road in danger.

A government entity

A government entity may be held liable for an accident involving a truck in some cases. If the accident happened as a result of poor road conditions, unclear or missing road signs or other reasons, the municipality where it took place could be sued.

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