There are definitely some Illinois roadways that are more dangerous than others. Perhaps, you’ve been driving for several decades now and have never been involved in a collision other than a mere fender bender in a parking lot or something. Then again, maybe you’re among other licensed drivers in the state who have spent time in the hospital after suffering moderate to severe injuries in a car accident.

Some of the most dangerous locations on Illinois roads are intersections. Not all of them are controlled or marked with signage. Even those that are can be busy, chaotic places, especially if someone runs a red light or steps into the crossroads against the light. You definitely have to be on guard when you approach an intersection if you hope to safely pass through or navigate your turn.

Things you can do to be proactive

You can’t control another driver’s actions, but you can stay alert and be cautious behind the wheel when you approach a crossroads. The helpful tips included in the following list may be key factors in reducing the chance for collision:

  • Don’t go just because the light is green. If you see a green light as you approach an intersection, slow down anyway and make sure it’s safe to continue through the cross section.
  • Pedestrians often seem to appear out of nowhere. Especially if you’re in a residential area, children and others might step off a curb or run into the road to chase a ball or dog, so always be on the lookout for them.
  • If the light is yellow, you might want to slow down and come to a full stop rather than try to beat the light before it turns red.
  • Know when you have a right of way and when to yield, and even if you have the right of way, don’t assume the other driver will indeed yield.
  • It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Most drunk drivers have a lot of trouble navigating intersections. Drivers using cell phones or texting might be looking down instead of at the road ahead. These and other issues place you at great risk for collision and personal injury any time you approach an Illinois intersection.

What happens if there is a collision?

If another driver disregards traffic laws and you suffer injury, you can seek financial recovery for your losses. For many recovering accident victims, this is a means to obtain compensation for damages, which then helps offset medical bills and other expenses associated with their injuries.

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