Almost every type of “unexpected” death is a tragedy to family and the friends of the deceased. Car accidents and workplace accidents, for example, take the lives of healthy young people every day in our country. However, when the deceased is a particularly young child, the death can be all the more tragic.

According to a recent report, one father in Illinois has decided to take legal action after the death of his 17-month old daughter. The little girl died in a home in Joliet and, when the girl’s body was found, the reports indicate that the home was littered with garbage. The girl was reportedly found underneath an old couch in the home.

The father’s lawsuit has named Children’s Home and Aid, an agency responsible for child welfare. The basis of the lawsuit is that the agency failed to protect the little girl, thus leading to her wrongful death. According to the reports, the agency was designated to provide social services to the little girl’s mother and had been at the home in question just days before the little girl went missing. The lawsuit alleges that the girl should have been removed from the home.

No doubt this case has a long way to go before it all plays out in court. However, in the meantime, the father of the little girl who is pursuing the wrongful death claim is likely devastated by his loss.

When another person or entity has negligently or recklessly caused the death of a person, that may be the basis for a wrongful death lawsuit in Illinois. Anyone who has been unfortunate enough to lose a loved one under such circumstances may benefit from getting more information about their legal options.

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