After you get into a car accident in Illinois, you’ll need to contact the police so that they can file a report. This police report might help you negotiate with insurance companies or sue for damages later on. For this reason, it’s important for the officer to write an objective report; unfortunately, some officers don’t.

What happens if the officer files an inaccurate report?

You might have trouble filing an insurance claim if the officer writes an inaccurate report after your motor vehicle accident. For example, the officer might downplay the severity of the accident or make it sound like you were at fault. They might also leave out details that could have a major impact on your legal case.

It’s the officer’s job to record objective facts like the time and location of the accident and which cars were involved. If they don’t record this information, you might have trouble proving that your version of the story is accurate. You might want to take photos and write down information after the accident in case the police file an inaccurate report.

Once you realize that the report is inaccurate, you could ask the officer to adjust the report. Unfortunately, the officer usually makes the final decision on this subject. You could also write your own report and ask the police to file it with the original. Afterward, you might want to talk to your attorney about the issue. Even a single error could make it harder for you to file a claim.

What can you do if you don’t have accurate information?

After the accident, it’s important to take photos and videos and get contact information from witnesses, if applicable. Unfortunately, you can’t always rely on the police to file an accurate report. You might not be able to change the report, but you could supply your own evidence.

You could talk to your attorney about proving your case to the judge or insurance company involved in your personal injury case. You might have to sue the driver directly to get compensation for all your losses.

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