Construction workers provide an incredibly valuable contribution to the economy. Building, renovating, and repairing Illinois homes, offices, and infrastructure support the state. Construction sites become hectic places, as workers face deadlines and companies intend to move onto other projects. Sometimes, injuries result when pressed to finish a job, although hazards exist even when things move along steadily.

Dangers present at construction sites

Construction work involves physical labor and the use of many tools. One mistake could lead to a worker suffering a severe cut or puncture in a tool mishap. Other devastating accidents could happen when running electrical wiring or getting too close to hot pipes.

Avoiding slip-and-fall accidents could be challenging even to an experienced worker who knows about common hazards. Tripping over cables, tools, or another object may result in a terrible injury.

Some falls could happen from great heights, leading to even worse injuries. Slipping off a ladder may result in a terrible tumble, and falls off scaffolds might result in fatalities.

Constant threats of dangers

Persons hit by falling objects are among those who suffer from severe construction injuries. A worker could be as careful as humanly possible, but that person might be guilty of merely standing in the wrong spot when someone drops something from an upper floor. The object may not need to travel a long distance to cause serious harm.

Forklifts, dump trucks, and even smaller-sized delivery vehicles could crash into someone, causing broken bones or worse. Moving violations happen on construction sites, and workers may suffer.

Workers might suffer financially, as well as physically. Injured construction workers may need to explore their options for workers’ compensation claims and civil lawsuits. Taking such steps could help a worker deal with financial struggles when unable to return to the job.

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