No one can avoid encountering a big truck on any type of road. Driving near one is always risky and dangerous under any circumstance. Know how to drive by large vehicles to avoid causing minor to serious truck accidents in Chicago, Illinois.

Keep at a distance

Avoid driving only a few inches from the rear of the truck. Keep your vehicle at least three or four feet away from the other vehicle. If you drive directly behind it, the truck cannot see you at all. In addition, the driver could brake suddenly without giving you the chance to avoid crashing into the truck’s back.

Stay out of its blind spot

Avoid driving in a truck’s blind spot. This is a dangerous zone that is difficult to see when driving regular-sized vehicles, and it’s even more difficult to see when driving a larger commercial truck. Drive by this spot as quickly as possible, and make sure that you’re in view of the driver’s sideview mirror.

Do not brake too suddenly

When driving ahead of a truck, avoid braking too suddenly when the truck is very close behind you. This is a common cause of truck accidents when a big truck totals the mid to rear section of a smaller vehicle.

Signal your turns

In addition to braking gently, use your turn signals to warn a truck driver who is close behind or in front of you. It’s highly recommended and a sign of common courtesy to all drivers.

Smart, sensible driving is the only solution to prevent all types of truck accidents. Work on preventing the problem before it occurs by learning how to drive carefully near trucks. A personal injury lawyer is the right professional to contact to handle your truck accident case, should things go wrong.

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