In Illinois and throughout the country, summer is the deadliest time as far as teen driving accidents are concerned. Parents need to speak with their teens and reiterate their best advice for driving safety. This is when the risk for car accidents is the highest, so caution is warranted.

Summer is when teenaged drivers take more risks

Teens are off from school in the summer, and they are out on the roads. Without school the next day, they are often driving after dark when conditions are the most dangerous. Some are out with friends where alcohol is available. The combination of all of these makes summer the most dangerous time for teenaged drivers. They are not the most experienced motorists, and when their lack of experience is combined with other risks, it raises the danger level for everyone else on the road.

Teenagers are responsible for their actions behind the wheel

There are nationwide awareness campaigns to raise consciousness among parents and teens of the specific risks. Of course, teens should be allowed to drive, but they need to be extra careful to follow all traffic laws. Instead, many teens take chances like texting behind the wheel. Teenagers are still legally responsible for their actions when they cause an accident, just as every other driver on the road is. There is no special allowance for the fact that they are just learning to drive. Their actions will be compared to those of a reasonable driver under the same circumstances, not to those of an immature teenager.

If you have been injured in an accident caused by a teenager or any other driver, you should contact a motor vehicle accidents lawyer to learn more about your legal rights. You may be entitled to financial compensation. Your attorney could assist you with the claims process and filing a lawsuit against the other party. If the driver is under 18, the parents would be legally responsible for the damages caused.

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