When a defective product leads to injury, it is necessary to establish a clear connection between the two. This can make all the difference when you are seeking compensation for your damages.

Understanding how to prove that a defective product caused your injury is the key to navigating such situations.

Document the incident

Begin by taking detailed notes about what happened, when it occurred and any immediate effects. Photographs and videos can be powerful tools for preserving evidence. Providing a visual record of the defective product and the resulting injury will strengthen your case.

Preserve the product

Preserving the defective product will enable further investigation. Keep it in its original condition, avoiding any alterations. This will serve as tangible evidence, helping establish a direct link between the product and your injury.

Gather medical records

Seek medical attention promptly after suffering a product-related injury. Maintain a record of all medical examinations and treatments related to the injury. These records can act as a timeline, establishing the cause-and-effect relationship between the defective product and your injuries.

Establish a chain of custody

Maintain a clear chain of custody for all evidence related to the defective product and the injury. This means providing documentation, such as receipts or other relevant evidence, establishing who was in possession of the product and when. This ensures the reliability and credibility of the evidence, making it more persuasive when presented.

The National Safety Council reports that there were 12,663,028 consumer product injuries in 2022. With these types of incidents being so common, it is important to be mindful of how you can assert your legal rights if a defective product injury occurs in your household.


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