The injuries someone could suffer from an Illinois car crash are unpredictable. An accident scene may involve victims suffering everything from minor injuries to catastrophic ones. Frequently, a driver or passenger may experience shoulder pain derived from harm inflicted because of the impact of the crash. Shoulder injuries could have lingering effects that could trouble a victim for weeks and months to come.

Shoulder injuries after a crash

Some accident victims may walk away with little more than bruises and mild sprains. Others could experience shoulder injuries that require surgery to repair. For example, someone may suffer a severe rotator cuff tear. While not all rotator cuff treatments involve surgery, the pain and limited motion from a rotator cuff tear could upend a person’s life.

Fractures and dislocations are possible when the shoulder experiences impact during a car crash. Anyone who suffers from a broken shoulder will likely deal with the effects until fully recovering. Financial struggles may result if the person relies on their shoulders and arms to perform essential work and daily living tasks.

Financial consequences of shoulder injuries

A victim who suffers financially after an accident caused by another party can file a civil lawsuit to recover their losses. Shoulder injuries derived from car accidents might cause financial hardships because of medical-related expenses. Compounding those costs might be decreased income from missed work. Filing a negligence claim could lead to a settlement that delivers compensatory damages. Punitive damages might be warranted based on the circumstances of an accident.

Reckless behavior behind the wheel may leave someone liable for any injuries they inflict. Drunk or distracted drivers could be held liable when they cause accidents. Victims might seek an insurance settlement after being hurt by negligent drivers.


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