Accidents happen. Millions of them occur every year. They cause millions of injuries and property damage. Thousands of car crashes kill people across the US annually.

These should prove that they occur frequently. Here are some more facts about car accidents.

Main causes

Crash reports explain what the main cause of the crash was. The most common causes include drunk driving and speeding.

Intoxicated drivers

As mentioned, drunk drivers are one of the more common causes of accidents. Close to 35 percent of fatal accidents occur due to intoxicated driving. That means that thousands of people die in crashes caused by drunk drivers every year.

Death in fatal accidents

All crashes can cause serious damage, but fatal accidents cause death. The majority of deaths are from drivers, but passengers, pedestrians and motorcyclists can all die in crashes.

Number of fatal accidents

Over 35,000 fatal accidents occur in the US every year. These kill one or more people per incident.

Age statistics

People of any age can crash their cars. However, younger drivers pose the greatest risk because they do not have a lot of experience and they are more likely to take risks.

Minor statistics

Drivers under 20 years old are the most likely to crash. Over 10 percent of fatal crashes every year involve people in this age range. Hundreds of thousands of injuries also occur in this age bracket.

There is good news though. When someone encounters a car crash, they can start a personal injury claim to ensure that they receive proper compensation for their injuries and losses.

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