Truck drivers can have a tough job as they often work a full-time schedule that involves traveling on challenging Illinois roads and beyond. Drivers may suffer the effects of fatigue from working long hauls. Tired tractor-trailer drivers may present risks on the road. Drivers who cause accidents because of fatigue might face legal claims for losses they inflict.

Fatigue and truck driving

Driving too many hours is not the only reason a driver may suffer from fatigue. State and federal regulations mandate truck drivers must take breaks after driving a specified number of hours on the road. Drivers and their employers could face liability claims if they ignore these rules, and an accident happens. However, even drivers who take the required breaks might feel tired while driving. Working split shifts, driving at night and contending with burnout could tire a driver.

Drivers may feel tired because they are ill. Concentration might suffer when someone battles the flu while on the road. Over-the-counter medications that alleviate flu symptoms might contribute to poor concentration and delayed reactions.

Negligence and tired driving

A driver could suffer from fatigue because they are under the influence, indicating reckless behavior. Causing an accident while intoxicated may lead to substantial losses in court. However, even someone struggling with concentration problems from working nights can also cause negligent truck accidents. Expect a civil claim if a driver goes through a stop sign or drifts out of their lane and hits another vehicle.

Victims could sue for compensation and punitive damages. Losses suffered after a truck accident could be significant since these massive vehicles can inflict tremendous harm. An auto insurance settlement might resolve the problem, although policies generally do not cover punitive awards. Litigation may be necessary for punitive damages.

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