Behind the wheel, it is vital to pay attention to various traffic accident risks. For example, you should keep an eye out for hazards on the road, dangerous intersections, sharp turns, negligent drivers and bad weather, such as fog. Foggy conditions can increase the chances of a collision, especially when reckless drivers speed or get in their car after drinking.

It is important to understand how fog can increase the chances of a crash and go over data on collisions that occur due to bad weather. Sometimes, it is a good idea to avoid driving until weather conditions get better.

Fog and traffic collision risks

The Federal Highway Administration details the different ways that fog can lead to a motor vehicle collision. For starters, fog can make it hard for drivers to see other vehicles and hazards on the road, such as debris, fallen tree limbs, etc. When a driver cannot see vehicles in front of them or they struggle to stay in their lane due to low visibility, an accident can occur.

Fog also causes speed variance, which can make a collision more likely. When vehicles travel at significantly different speeds, a crash can take place.

The consequences of fog-related traffic crashes

During an average year, almost 1,235,000 weather-related traffic crashes happen, causing more than 418,000 people to suffer injuries and almost 5,000 people to lose their lives. An accident could cause many hardships in your life, from medical bills and debt to mental trauma, immobility, lost wages and intense pain. It is crucial to exercise caution when driving in foggy weather.

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