A trucker who fails to control their vehicle can leave you struggling with a truck accident after a rollover occurs. Knowing more about the ways a truck can roll over and why it can become unbalanced can help you even after dealing with injuries from this crash.

From the weight of the truck to its steering, there are many dangerous ways a rollover accident starts.

Making poor choices during intense wind storms

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, rollover accidents are one category of potentially fatal truck collisions. When a large truck encounters violent winds along a flat area or bridge, it may start to tip or become unsteady. If the trucker does not know how to steer out of the way or fails to account for this element, the truck could turn all the way over and fall onto another vehicle.


Since trucks are significantly larger than most cars and carry more weight, truckers who speed put not only themselves at risk but also various cars around them. One way that a crash can happen is the load in the back of a truck shifting forward too quickly when a truck needs to stop suddenly. This sudden change in speed can make the truck roll over.

Turning sharply

Truckers taking a turn too sharply is dangerous since it greatly shifts the weight in a truck. A person rushing to their next job or failing to account for the rules of the road may try to take curves too quickly.

No matter what kind of problem caused a truck accident, knowledge about trucks can help.


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