State laws and regulations in Illinois require certain details of a truck accident to be written and recorded. This evidence is necessary to collect once an accident happens. It is critical in proving the accident happened, showing the extent of the damages and determining who is at fault.

Police reports

A police officer often arrives at the scene of a serious accident that involves a totaled vehicle. A police report is an important piece of evidence to prove that a major accident occurred. The officer should lend you a copy of the report for your records. This report is a detailed analysis of the accident from a trusted, reliable source.


Accompanying the police report are photographs of the accident scene. Photographs further prove the details in a written report. A photo must be taken at every angle and in every place where damage is found.

Witness statements

Witnesses are typically found at the scenes of truck accidents. A police officer writes down their statements, including their contact information. Police officers, lawyers and insurance policyholders need these statements to prove that the accident occurred and the details of what happened. The statements must corroborate with the details in the police report, or their statement could be called into question. In addition, the witness statements should be signed and dated.

Drug and alcohol tests

Truck drivers sometimes cause accidents while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Police officers can perform drug or alcohol tests before, during or after accidents occur. If found guilty of DUIs, truck drivers could face civil lawsuits, criminal charges or both. When the evidence is presented, the negligent driver’s insurance company may cover the full costs of damages.

Knowing how to prove your claim

Start collecting evidence for your truck accident once it happens. Include as many types of evidence that you can find to include in your insurance claim.

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