Illinois residents with medical conditions and people who take medication have to be extra careful when it comes to driving. They need to make sure that their medical conditions do not interfere with their ability to drive safely.

What are some medical conditions that people need to be careful with when it comes to driving?

People with dementia have difficulty with memory, social skills and general thinking. Dementia can be caused by a wide range of different illnesses, including Alzheimer’s disease, strokes and simple aging. People with dementia should not drive since the disease affects their ability to pay attention to the road, making motor vehicle accidents more likely. People who are in the early stages of dementia may be able to drive safely, but they should reassess their ability to drive with their doctors as the disease progresses.

Epilepsy is another condition that makes it extremely difficult to drive. Epilepsy is a neurological disease that causes seizures, so if a person were to have a fit while driving, they would be unable to control their car. Epilepsy can be regulated by medication, making it easier for people with the condition to drive safely. Many of them are told not to drive for a full year once they start medication, however. This is to help ensure that they’ll be able to drive safely and avoid causing car accidents.

What can people who’ve gotten into car accidents do?

People who have been involved in accidents due to their or other drivers’ medical conditions may benefit by working with personal injury attorneys. Experienced legal professionals may be able to help clients with everything from obtaining compensation to getting the necessary medical care.


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