Commercial vehicle drivers contribute many positives to the Illinois economy. Without tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles on the roads, commerce would come to a halt. Unfortunately, many truck accidents occur, and sometimes, the collisions are the drivers’ fault. Moving violations may lead to the driver making a poor decision, one that results in a crash.

Moving violations and their dangers

Truck drivers may commit several common moving violations, such as not changing lanes carefully or failing to use a turn signal. Speeding, not surprisingly, ranks among top problems. Tailgating other vehicles may happen when drivers attempt to force slower cars out of the way.

Moving violations could serve as the basis for a negligence suit. Failing to follow established rules of the road might be the prime factor in a collision.

Other troubling behaviors by truck

Distracted driving affects many people traveling in Illinois and elsewhere. Commercial transporters are not immune from this bad habit. Drivers rushing to deliver cargo may choose not to pull over to compose and send a text. However, creating a text while driving might divert attention from where it’s needed: on the road. An accident could result, and the driver may face a negligent suit.

And yes, driving under the influence could cause a crash. Intoxicated drivers might make tragic errors on the road.

No matter the reason for a crash, truck-related accidents could lead to fatalities. The weight and size of the trucks contribute to the potential catastrophe. Therefore, drivers negligently operating their vehicles put many at risk.

Truck accident lawsuits could involve several plaintiffs. For example, when a driver causes an accident, the employer may be negligent if it continues to employ someone known for disregarding safety. Persons hurt in a truck accident might seek out an attorney’s assistant to take legal action.

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