Name partner David C. Wise of noted Chicago plaintiffs' law firm Wise Law Offices LLC, has reached a $2.25 million settlement on behalf of a 38-year old female ironworker who was injured at the jobsite when her arm was pinched in a retracting outrigger on a crane operated by Stevenson Crane. She required surgery and was unable to return to work after sustaining a serious elbow injury called medial epicondylitis. Mr. Wise established the details of the negligence involved by the crane operator and company and secured a settlement covering their client's medical expenses and lost wages.

lawyers have handled several hundred construction negligence cases for the firm's clients. They thoroughly understand the regulations, statutes, ordinances and industry standards that mandate a safe working environment for construction workers and others at construction sites, and have achieved exceptional results in investigating and litigating claims successfully on behalf of those injured and their families.

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