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$2.95 Million Settlement For Complications From Surgical Misdiagnosis And Error

We represented the widow and estate of a 54-year-old husband and father of twin daughters who died from complications from an undiagnosed bowel perforation following a laparoscopic hernia repair. After hernia surgery, the patient developed complications consistent with a bowel injury, which were not noticed during the surgeon’s follow-up exploratory procedure that resulted in an unnecessary colostomy being performed. The delay in recognizing the injury led the patient to suffer Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS) and multi-system organ failure, resulting in multiple hospitalizations and nursing home stays and ultimately to his death. Our demonstration of the errors led to a $2.95 million settlement, approved in Cook County Court and entered into by the patient’s surgeon, hospital and nursing home.

$2.95 Million

R. v. Central DuPage Hospital, et al.